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We ,at the Placement Office, are the official arbitrators for campus placement in Saraswathy College of Engineering and Technology ,Olakkur-Tindivanam. Our enthusiastic team strive effectively for striking a match between recruiter’s expectation and student’s aspirations. The Faculty-in-charge in sultation with the Assistant Placement Officer, the Placement office staff and the student representatives perform various crucial tasks in the office.




Placement Coordinators-

Magazines and Brochure Team

Training and Skill  Development Team

Industry – Institute Interaction Team

The Placement Co-ordinator performs as a hub to the Faculty –in-charge Changes and the constitution team and also monitors the overall activities of the individual teams . 




  The focus of the call is to establish an active interface between   potential    employers and   prospective ( Students ) and to strike a meaningful balance keeping in mind the aims and aspirations of the students along with the expectation of the employers.

Goal setting

Mock Aptitude Test

Mock group discussions

Mock Interviews 

Special lectures for the students on programming skills.

Communication enrichment programmers.

Communication evaluation sessions.

Career counseling talks with Industrialists/Guest Lecture Sessions

Our Objective: Each One get one 

Post/Mail the Placement Brochure, Invitation& Job Application form to companies

Dates for Pre-placement Talks ( if any)

Preference of Companies

Student’s Candidacy for Companies are collected

Companies Additional Requirements ( if any ) to be notified at least 5 days prior to their visit

Organizing workshops for the third-year students focusing on the issues related to personality development and opting different career paths after their undergraduate studies. 

 Pre-placement talk on 09.09.2014


Relincecompany campus interview 0n 27/09/14









 Placement Coordinator-Ms.M.Jeniefer Kavetha.M.Tech


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